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Assessing what to wear on a first date for either gender is tricky. One wants to look their best, but not as if they strategized to look their best. Here are a few shortcuts to achieving that physical comfort zone so you can careen headfirst into the emotional discomfort zone known as dating.

First off, some of the physical basics women look for:

Dry palms, although a slightly sweaty palm can be slightly flattering.

Decent breath, but not amazingly good. A burst of mint can be nice, especially when it comes from your dental hygienist’s mouth, but it seems overly coached from a date. Neutral is just fine, but not meaty, k?

A level C douchebag shirt (see last post) Avoid level B and DEFINITELY no level A.

Eye contact-with warmth if possible. An evasive glance can be unsettling, and direct eye contact is usually quite sexy. Obviously the old Clint Eastwood steely glare, we all know isn’t so comforting, but that’s a given right?

And now on to the clothing portion of our evening:

Women love jeans  midrange in price, but not GAP, please not Gap jeans. I’ve never seen anyone’s tush look really good in them. Also please avoid super high luxe brands because women will think you’re vain. Also consider opting for cords (women love them,
They think of rubbing their hands on your legs, even if it’s subconscious)

Some guys can pull off quirky touches, such as wearing a cardigan. Only a rare breed can win this look, but occasionally a guy will look truly individualistic, in the spirit of one of the characters in Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan movie.

If you’re in an urban area, at least consider a vintage shirt. Those express your individuality, just make sure the smell is A OK. Those button down Cuban numbers are adorable on most guys, and you’re sure to have no one copying your exact look.

Hipster shoes that are NOT chunky (women think you’re trying to add height if you wear those). Think of those bowling, faux vintage shoes…BAD shoes ….BAD!goodshoes.jpg

To cologne or not to cologne? That is ze question. I personally love the subtle smell of cologne or after shave. Subtle being the operative word. Listen this isn’t a job interview, you don’t have to be that neutral. That said, some guys like to express ultra casz attitude in the first date or don’t like a strong smell. I say just go for it, green, crisp and subtle. Yum.

Your wallet (and ALWAYS refuse the woman’s offer to pay, but please, stay
within your financial means! It’s ok to go to a casual place, datingdish
will find you affordable options, I promise!)