A shirt’s douchebagerie level has three classifications. Akin to the Bush administration’s security codes, here at datingdish we have opted for the simple alphabetical approach.

Level a (Emergency-total fashion clone)=diagonal, untucked, with premium jeans. Sometimes offering an embroidered print. Wearer often sports hair hardened by styling products, probably wore Drakkar Noir until freshman year in college.

Level b (confused, but not sexually)
not diagonal striped, perhaps a solid color, oftentimes with
a sheen and a slight butterfly color. A man who sports this shirt is oftentimes confused about footwear, might opt for cords or Gap (wrong) jeans with this.


Level c-(code green, we can breath easy and declassify you
as a clone) offering western details, maybe a plaid of floral.
You’re not afraid to be a bit flamboyant, but the colors are
leaning towards neutral. You listen to true alternative music, don’t care for techno, but think goth punks are trite. You might already be in a creative profession and will opt for the zipped up sweatshirt and chunky shoes.Once in a blue moon (incidentally, probably your second favorite beer) we’ll find you in a ribbed turtleneck in shades of rust.

*referring to the first posting about “Vintage” wine bar