To doggonit or not on a date is an interesting question. Depending on the behavior of one’s dog, the squiring of one’s dog on a date is a pretty undesirable action. Would you bring a slightly desultory newborn on a date? Didn’t think so.

Compound trying to find a restaurant in Chicago that allows for dogs, and the stressometer registers code rouge. One time I brought my (now passed on) dog Jackie (not Jaquée of 227 fame) on a date and the occasion suffered. She had prolonged curiousity for a nutty buddy wrapper on the street and my extended efforts to hold on to her leash wore down the skin on my hand. Plus the guy in question was a short red head jackass. Not a pretty combination and a second date was not forthcoming.

I say dogs are great to suss out dates, but only if you are lucky enough to find a friendly nonyuppie at the dog park. And that I tell you, would be a newsworthy occasion.

Good places to take Max the Charming Kashmoodle Mix on a date:

1. Wilson Dog Beach

2. Jerry’s Sandwiches on Division (mediocre food though, be warned and only during the summer months. )

3. Mac’s on Division (disclaimer for all restaurants, dog must be Xanaxed to point of stupefication)

4. Not in one’s way during romantic physical expressions (saying hi is less acceptable these days)

5. A trip to Petco on that 4th date

Mac's American Food & Drink in Chicago

Jerry's in Chicago