I sometimes (gasp) question the utility of the internet, also known as the “interneta” when one is meandering through Europe desperate to touch base with friends and associates. As of late my efforts to answer life’s grand questions falls flat, especially when desperately in search of answers. Ironically also when seeking medical advice, the answers are there, but always worst case scenario!

The most recent efforts, as in “getting over an ex” revealed many pages about how to “win the ex back” usually redolent with fatal grammar and spelling errors. My search for “reinvigorating your career as a graphic designer” plopped me in front of lots of “motion design” URLs quoting smug inspired designers. And yet when the urgency isn’t there, I find the exact page and bit of information desired. Is there something to the aphorism of “it’ll happen when you’re not looking for it” that applies to internet searches? p.s. ever use that bit of wisdom on me and look to get smacked. Even with mapping, occasionally disaster falls. I looked up an address in the suburbs and found the streets mislabeled. Tragedy, travesty, and where do we turn? God forbid, our doctors, therapists, our own internal compass? As much as I want to know when Jennifer Aniston has last visited “Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf” on  Cayuhanga Blvd. I have more urgent informational needs from the internet, such as the Meaning of Life.