facebookgrab1Patty was just unfriended for the third time this month. Why God why?

Alejandra thinks her boyfriend’s sexual technique needs some updating

Carlos work Rogaine! Work!

Natasha feels like she should have never left her husband

Cynthia forgot to take her birth control pill last night…on purpose.

Ilya wishes Bush were still President

Deirdre is just about ready to cash in her 401K for that mini face lift. Tax penalties be damned.

Roman is talking to the little people in his head, and it’s nice to connect for once.

Lewis is seeking good lies for his resume
David has never told his English Department colleagues that he has not read Hamlet
Charles wishes he worked with more God fearing Christians, like himself.
Diane’s incontinence issue is rearing its ugly head again when she saw the Ben Stiller sketch. I thought those pads were working!
Jim hesitates to say it, but his wife is fat
Thanks Chris for your clever input.