3137 West Logan Blvd – Chicago, Illinois


Dunlay’s aspires to please, and that it does. The restaurant offers affordable and relatively healthy fare that rounds the bases of many types of cuisine. The veggie burger I have returned to faithfully, converse to the reaction my dog gives to her benefull dogfood.  The salads are substantial, wines interesting but not toooo interesting. But how does Dunlay’s fare as a date place?

I rank Dunlay’s in the mid to upper echelons….as a second date place. Not first, and definitely not third. The menu is affordable, but not bottom barrel, but for a first date you risk the dragged out meal torture. Plus the interior in the Logan Square location has boom boom boomin’ music, so awkward to speak a notch about your normal volume. The service is almost always upbeat and responsive, but not overbearing. If you choose to sit outside, which datingdish recommends, you enjoy the views of the various eclectic offerings of the Square, glance occasionally at other couples enjoying their awkward or rewarding dates, and feel the humidity baring a hole into your soul. Ok edit that last thought, I went there on a particularly humid evening a few weeks ago.

However, if you are looking to impress your date with wild, unexpected choices, don’t come here. The menu has the solid upscale sandwich/salad/appetizer offerings, albeit delicious. The lighting, always of concern to datingdish, is okkkkaaayyyy, not bad,but a bit dim and cast down, a no no.  One practical note: the veggie burger, while legendary in my mind, does crumble. It’s authentic, but again, unseemly on first or even second dates. Wait til things have solidified before ordering that, bun intended.

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